For and against

Each year more and more students move to another country to pursue their studies,at the secondary, high schools and university ,through private programs or following scholarship programs of various universities as the ERASMUS program. Although leave to study abroad is definitely a great experience for the student that will have on your personal and academic biography all his life , there are also drawbacks to which must deal with, so it is necessary to take stock to avoid further complications .

 - It is a very rewarding experience personally , as it allows the student to understand other cultures and lifestyles as well as make friends of different nationalities.
 - You can learn and acquire very high knowledge of a language , it will definitely be very useful for subsequent insertion into the labor market tool.
 - Allows you to have opportunities to work abroad .
 - The student must confront and resolve situations by itself, which will improve your confidence and help you grow . Moreover also learn how to distribute your resources like time and money , acquiring skills that will serve you well throughout your life.

 - It is necessary to adapt to the customs of the country and will cost some do .
 - There will be times when the student yearns to his family, friends and environment. For some this will be harder to overcome than others.
 - Study abroad can be expensive , especially if the student is not home to any scholarship program , since it is necessary to pay the study center , accommodation , meals and other expenses of the student.

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