Erasmus mundus

What is this programme?

The program consists of the cooperation among countries not members of the European Union in the form of student exchange. 
This initiative will contribute to making the European Union as a center of excellence in the field of learning worldwide, by supporting intercollegiate Masters. 
In addition, the EU grants will be awarded to third-country nationals participating in these European postgraduate programs as well as scholarships for EU nationals studying in third countries.

When it starts?

Erasmus Mundus was proposed by the European Parliament in 2001, but finally agreed a year later, changing its name to the current name .

What are the concrete actions carried out this project?

• ACTION 1 - Courses Erasmus Mundus Masters 
Constitute the central component around which Erasmus Mundus is built. They are high quality courses taught by at least three universities in three different European countries.
• ACTION 2 - Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: 
This scholarship scheme addresses highly qualified individuals. 
• ACTION 3 - Partnerships 
universities granting associate degrees and common facilitating the movement of students 
• ACTION 4 - Enhancing attractiveness 
Erasmus Mundus will also support measures to enhance the attractiveness of European higher education and recognition of qualifications with third countries.

Who can participate? 

• institutions of higher education. 
• Students who have obtained a first degree awarded by a higher education institution. 
• academics or professionals with teaching or research work. 
• staff directly involved in higher education. 
• other public or private organizations whose activities are conducted in the field of higher education

Who can participate?

The program is open to the following countries: 
• 25 current and future Member States of the European Union 
• the candidate countries for accession to the European Union 
• European countries of the European Free Trade Association / European Economic Area 
• other countries (third countries)algunos paises

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