lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

Finland: Jyvaskyla and Helsinky.


The better of done an erasmus in this city is that studenst are distributed in neighborhoods, and you can meet students of all Europe, play football or basketball...
The day in Jyvaskyla is easy because is a small city on Finland. The downtown is full of bares, shops, cinemas...If you like the sports the University offer you some activities like matches, bike tours to the lakes...
If you like the party is full of discos, but the alcohol prices are super high.

The university is super modern and  is well equipped.The subjects may become more easy.
 Education in Finland is really free. You only have to pay a little for your signatures, and if you want you can leave it . 

Live here is cheapest than live in Granada or other city of Spain. You can live for less than 500euros.
the wether here is cold but as much as we think. 


There is always ambient in the city, even in times of exams, people meet in college, libraries, parks...Helksinky is the capital of the Finland, and the biggest city of the country. You have parties all days, and the better are weekends.
The University is very different from Spain, are smaller and more evenly distributed number of students. really notice the high level of education of the country. 
The standard of living in this city is very different, things are expensive and nightlife is extremely expensive, you need more than the scholarship tha spanish government give tou you.

Other universities:

There are many universities, but these are the main and most important

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